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Smoked Acrylic Replacement Lens

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Smoked Acrylic Replacement Lens

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Replace your own hatch lense with ease!

  • 23.5'' x 23.5'' x .25'' Smoked Acrylic
  • Cut to fit directly into your hatch frame
  • Helpful information on the DIY method
  • Save money by replacing your own hatch
  • Sleek looking tinted acrylic

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The standard lenses are made from .220” thick clear, smoked bronze, smoked gray UV stabilized Acrylic . These lens blanks can be easily cut and shaped with standard tools such as powered jigsaws ( using blades recommended for plastic ) and a orbital sander for smoothing the edges ( 120 - 220 grit ) . a Standard drill bit can be used for holes smaller than 1/2” diameter but for larger holes a hole saw is recommended ( be sure to put a piece of wood behind the hole before drilling to reduce chipping ). For more information about gluing and finishing the lenses you can contact Steve at 9056650996 and you can receive some suggested installation methods. You can also order other thicknesses ,pre- finished lenses, or even remove and replacement services

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