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Synthetic Ice (Main Panel, 6 per Box)

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Great For:

  • Hockey Training
  • Skill and endurance training
  • Free skating
  • Rentals

Setup Anywhere!

  • Basements
  • Driveways
  • Garages
  • Backyards

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Synthetic Ice

Synthetic ice is a modified plastic resin engineered to mimic natural ice, therefore allowing users to skate and train on the surface. Premium ice skating tiles with friction-induced locking system come pre-boxed with an installation guide. Our multi-directional panels provide maximum rink size versatility without any additional cutting.

Synthetic Ice

  • Self-lubricating – no liquids
  • Friction induced locking system
  • Quick 1-person install
  • Useable on both sides
  • Estimated 25-year life span

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Is Synthetic Ice as slippery as real ice?+
  • Does Synthetic Ice need any lubrication or liquid?+
  • Does Synthetic Ice scratch?+
  • Should I be worried about scratches in the surface?+
  • Will Synthetic Ice ruin my skates?+
  • What is the life span on the Synthetic Ice?+
  • Can Synthetic Ice be used outdoors?+
  • Will Synthetic Ice fade from the sun?+
  • How is Synthetic Ice connected?+
  • Can I cut Synthetic Ice tiles to make it fit in our area of installation?+
  • Can both sides of the Synthetic Ice be used?+
  • How long does it take to install Synthetic Ice?+
  • How do I clean the surface?+
  • Can using Synthetic Ice help me with my strength and conditioning?+
  • Can Synthetic Ice be used for goalkeeper training+
  • Can Synthetic Ice be used for figure skating?+

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